The Head Office – Presentation

The company is located in its privately owned facilities in Thessaloniki, Greece, (in Charilaou district), at 37 Gymnasiarchou V. Mystakides Str. and in Larnaka, Cyprus, (in Aradippou district),at19A Delfon Str.

The manpower in Greece as well as in Cyprus consists of a powerful and flexible team capable of offering outstanding services in the highly demanding market.  They are under continuous training and they are instructed with excellence. They are highly experienced, multi-skilled and they have great knowledge, always ready to offer any kind of service in one appointment and in brief time, minimizing the reconstruction time as well as the cost for the client.

They provide real added value to their customer, thus effectively separating Synepia from other companies in its sector all over Greece and Cyprus, too.  Τhere is a complete archive of the finished projects all these years ιn its office. A wide range of materials for future use as well as material conversion and outplacement can be found in the privately owned storage facilities of the company.

Finally, Synepia owns a large number of modern passenger and business cars for every need in Greece and in Cyprus, too.