Synepia’s basic philosophy is the quality, the immediacy and the credibility of the technical projects that has to carry out according to  the following values:

HIGH COMPETENCY: The experience in the technical sector and the multi skilled manpower make a unique combination for valuable offered services by the company.

INNOVATION: Each project is faced as a new challenge. In this way Synepia remains a dominant company always respectful towards its clients.

EFFECTIVENESS: It offers solutions in difficult and demanding projects always on time.

CUSTOMER-DRIVEN PERCEPTION: Main consideration of the company is its clients and its own needs. This is one of the most important reasons why Synepia creates long-term collaborations and relationships based on trust with the clients and the external partners.

ORGANIZATION/TOGETHERNESS: Each one of the staff works systematically and collectively in order to achieve the best result.

TECHNICAL CONCEQUENCE: The projects are delivered on time without any doubt about the final outcome.

INTEGRITY: All the actions of SYNEPIA’s staff reflect its values

EXCELLENT QUALITY: Exceptional services with the finest means and material in every single project.

MAINTAIN THE HIGHEST STANDARDS: Detailed adhesion to technical standards.

THOROUGH REVIEW:  All projects are double checked before delivered.